Upcoming Events 2016

May All Beings Be Well and Happy!


Sabba papassa akaranam - Kusalassa Upasampada
Sacitta pariyodapanam - Etam buddhanasasanam

To abstain from all evil, to cultivate wholesome, and to purify one's mind. This is the Buddha's teaching.

The Nebraska Buddhist Vihara is a Buddhist temple that serves all those interested in learning about the Teachings of the Buddha. We offer teachings for both children and adults. We welcome people from all traditions and cultures to ‘come and see’ and to share in practices such as meditation, discussion on the teachings of the Buddha and ritual and cultural events of the Buddhist community of Nebraska.


The mission of the Nebraska Buddhist Vihara is to share the Buddha's message of Peace and Happiness and help create peace and harmony within and ourselves and in the surrounding world. Vihara is open to people of all faith traditions and cultures. We welcome you come and see, to participate in spiritual practices such as meditation, observance of precepts, discussions of Dhamma (Buddha’s teachings) and community events.


  • The man who performs good deeds is happy in this world and the next. He is hapy in both worlds. He fells happy at the thought: "Good have I done". He will be happier when born in a blissful state. --Dhammapada 1:18

  • The virtuous man rejoices in this world and in the next; in both worlds he rejoices seeing the purity of his own doing. --- Dhammapada 1:16.